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Auditioning for Double or Nothing

Double or Nothing generally holds auditions once a year. We encourage any dancer with an interest to audition-even if you haven't performed before. Below are some of the requirements and things we look for at our auditions.

Logistical Requirements

  • Rehearsals are held on Monday nights from 9-11 p.m. All members should make rehearsals regularly barring illness or emergencies. There is a small monthly dues requirement to pay for rehearsal space and costumes.
  • We rehearse in Palo Alto and perform throughout the Bay Area. Members need reliable transportation to and from rehearsals. We typically carpool to distant performances.
  • Costumes: All members need a pair of black pants and a pair of white athletic shoes that they can dance in. Members may be occasionally asked to purchase or chip in for additional costume items. Costs are typically limited to about $10.

What We Look For

When evaluating auditionees, we look for three main things.
  • Dancing skill and ability: Our members should be competent at lindy hop and have a good understanding of the basics of leading/following regardless of dancing style. The best way to achieve these skills is to be a regular participant at the social dance venues in the area.
  • Choreography: Members should be able to learn and remember choreographies at a steady pace. Our music and choreographies are posted online. Members should plan to review the portions covered in the last rehearsal so that they are ready to move on at the upcoming rehearsal with minimal review. This may require personal or informal review with another group member outside of rehearsal.
  • Performance: We need people who are entertainers. People who aren't afraid to look silly. People who can bring energy and enthusiasm to other member's choreographies. People who can minimize and gloss over mistakes and keep on going during performances as if nothing happened.

The Audition

Our auditions consist of two main parts: social dance and choreography. For the social dance portion we will ask you to dance to the music, switching partners at regular intervals. You will be evaluated on your ability to lead or follow in an unstructured environment. At this time we look at dance quality, timing, and musicality.

During the choreography portion of the evening, we will teach part of a routine and will then film your performance of it. You will perform with the other auditionees. For the performance section we look for energy and body language. (Are you smiling? Looking up rather than at your feet? Etc.) We also look for the ability to remember the steps taught, and to recover from mistakes and memory lapses.

For information about upcoming auditions, please contact: auditions @

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